Oftentimes, facials are performed in a spa or wellness center and do not always take into account the clients skin type or condition.  Skin treatments begin with a client consultation and detailed skin analysis before determining which products or techniques will be used to address any concerns.


Your skin type is genetic and is the skin you were born with. There is no way to change your skin type, but with appropriate care, it can be controlled.  


Skin conditions are the main reasons people seek out professional treatment.




A "facial" can be relaxing and feel very good on your skin.  However, if they are not customized to your skin type and any condition you are wishing to address, they are just a waste of time and money.


A good at home skin regime is 95% of your effort to maintain the effects of a professional treatment.  Many of the products a professional skin therapist will use on your skin are only available to them because of the strength of the ingredients and the application/removal process.  Many products require additional training before they can even be purchased.

Skin Script chemical peels are designed to be progressive rather than aggressive.  They are designed to be done in a series of 4-6 so that each progressive treatment penetrates deeper into the skin each time.  You will experience little to no downtime because you will only have microscopic peeling and not the skin shedding many other peels produce.  Just because you don't "shed" does not mean it is not working.

Lactic Peel - For all skin types except active acne. Will deeply exfoliate the skin to refine and even out skin tone/texture. Benefits include boosting collagen formation, leaving the skin firm and plumped with hydration.  (best in a series of 4-6 spaced 1-2 weeks apart).

Glycolic Peel - For normal/combination skin or larger pores. Will help relieve clogged pores, protect the skin against free radicals, treat mild to moderate acne and soften skin texture. (best in a series of 4-6 spaced 1-2 weeks apart).

TCA - Treats melasma, hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin and/or acne. This peel is very mild and is safe for ALL ethnicities and skin types (except for rosasea). Formulated to work with the Lactic and Glycolic peels and designed for an 8 week series.

Week 1 - initial consultation and homecare purchase

              - basic facial to prep the skin recommended

Week 2 - Lactic Peel

Week 3 - Glycolic Peel

Week 4 - TCA Peel (2 layers)

Week 5 - Skin rests

Week 6 - Skin rests

Week 7 - Skin rests

Week 8 - TCA Peel (2-6 layers)

Skin Type












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